Sunday, April 6, 2008

NTH Post-Broadcast Supplement

The show is over but here is a list of issues Geov Parrish is following; you can hear Geov on KEXP, Saturday mornings at 8:30am - tune in!

KEXP MAR. 29 2008


Feds cite PortoS for overdredging near T 30 (Harbor I) & T 91 (Magnolia)
T 91 to accommodate cruise ships


Clintons earned $109 mil between 2000-07; released as a FAND
551 mil came from Bill's speeches - and HRC says words don't matter!

# wanting unemployment benefits rises to 2-yr high;_ylt=Ap.e7Vy18Bt06rFOIHBXNHeyBhIF

& late consumer loan payments at 16-yr high; credit card delinquencies now up

GAO rpt: $295 bil in cost overruns for mil weapons projects, yrs behind schedule
Out of 1.6 in 95 projects, 2 yrs late on average
"In addition, none of the systems that the GAO looked at had met all of the standards for best management practices during their development stages."


Post-9-11 memo justifying torture also exempted GWOT from 4th Amendment (!)
Torture OK cuz 5th & 8th Amendments don't apply to aliens held "abroad"
Also suspended Posse Comitatus

ACLU: mil using FBI to spy on Internet to skirt laws;_ylt=AsXofkRkEsuJf7KEgWKK5Aqs0NUE

Remember Monica Goodling? DoJ investigates whether she fired staffer because
of rumors staffer was a lesbian; first removed child abuse from job

Bush adm waives environmental laws to finish SW border fence

CBS/NYT poll: 81% believe US "headed on wrong track";_ylt=AhXLKIbUcW87JUvyCdjBE2us0NUE


Iraq Chronicles:
900 killed or wounded in Basra; more than 1000 desert

Maliki continues attacks after al-Sadr standdown, pledges more attacks;_ylt=ArL3LLFvcHObV8T.0ovUJ5BvaA8F

al-Sadr calls for march against Ams in Najaf Apr 9, 5th anniv of Bag fall
Petraeus, Crocker to testify before Congress on same day

NYT, WaPo repeat Bush adm disinfo that they had nothing to do w/offensive

It's all about (Southern Iraqi) oil

Mugabe raiding opposition after results not announced from last Sat's pres elec
Opposition claims 50/43% win in parliamentary elections;_ylt=AjUeclslTZPmR.BmPJOrWC.s0NUE