Monday, June 18, 2007

6/17/2007 No Talking Heads Topics

(guests will be TJ Johnson, Marco Rosaire Rossi, Geov Parrish)


Charges Against Olympia Port Protesters Dismissed,
Port defendants prevail, the Olympian
Olympia, port back action on Budd Inlet, the Olympian
Benroya Co. expresses interest in buying Tumwater Brewery
- Olympian coverage

Federal Court Rules in Favor of 'Enemy Combatant', 6/11/2007, Washington Post
"The President cannot eliminate constitutional protections with the stroke of a pen by proclaiming a civilian, even a criminal civilian, an enemy combatant subject to indefinite military detention," the panel found. "Put simply, the Constitution does not allow the President to order the military to seize civilians residing within the United States and detain them indefinitely without criminal process, and this is so even if he calls them 'enemy combatants.' "

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