Monday, October 29, 2007

November 4, 2007 No Talking Heads

Guest to include: Olivia Hart, TJ Johnson

(Don't forget to vote! Ballots must be in by Tuesday, November 6th!)

* Rep. Jones (R-NC) introduces bill to limit president's war powers, Sun Journal
* ABA: Freeze executions nationwide, CNN
* Tenn. Town Has Run Out of Water, AP
* The Dems' Mukasey Moment, Nov. 1, 2007, David Corn from Mother Jones
During his confirmation hearings, AG nominee Michael Mukasey came across as Alberto Gonzales-lite. When he comes up for a vote next week, will the Dems unite to block his nomination or will the party blow an opportunity?

* U.S. Official Is Faulted for Nuclear Weapons Claim; Experts Call 'Hair Trigger' Denial Misleading, Say Much of Arsenal Is Capable of Launch in Minutes, Washington Post via TJ
- will it take another incident, i.e, Bay of Pigs, that takes us the the brink of nuclear war to get people to work towards pressuring nations to de-commission their nuclear arsenal - or worse yet - will it take the use of a nuclear weapon?
- that our nuclear weapons are on hair-trigger alert and could be launched within minutes is a little hard to swallow considering how much time it took for operations to get underway to defend critical U.S. targets the morning of 9/11.

* Musharraf Imposes Emergency Rule; Suspends Pakistani Constitution, BBC via Common Dreams
* US Resisting Ban on Cluster Bombs, Inter Press Service via Common Dreams via TJ
* Rumsfeld Charged with Torture in French Court, One World via TJ via Common Dreams
* Indian ‘Slave’ Children Found Making Low-Cost Clothes Destined For Gap, The Guardian/UK via Common Dreams via TJ
- Merry Christmas!
* Ecuador wants military base in Miami, Reuters/UK
- TJ mentioned this one on last weeks show.
- Visit Josh Rushing's videos on for a great series of investigatory pieces on the U.S. base in Ecuador - the videos are called "Shadow War"

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