Thursday, November 8, 2007

November 11, 2007 No Talking Heads

Guests to hopefully include: TJ Johnson and Geov Parrish

Local (when it rains, it pours . . .)
* YouTube video documenting police violence on non-violent citizens blocking port, Tacoma SDS
* Community Forum on Police Response to Port Demonstrations,
* Photo Series: Port Protesters Stop Trucks From Leaving Port
- photo at right by Rob Whitlock
* Election Results!
* High court halts WA morning-after pill rules, AP via Olympian
* Olympia store won't have to sell Plan B contraceptive, judge rules, Olympian
* Judge blocks war objector Watada’s second court-martial, AP via Olympian
* Arrests down at the port,
* Port Militarization Resistance in Olympia,
- great speech by Phan Nguyen (of KAOS' Bundle of Joy)
"Now about people who criticize our tactics. I think there are 2 types of people who criticize our tactics. There's those who support the war and occupation and then try to tell us how to wage our struggle. The fact that they are already opposed to the struggle means they have no authority to tell us how to oppose them. Now the other people are the people who ostensibly agree with us but they poo-poo our actions. Now again I personally have never stopped a war before, so if someone has a better idea, don't just tell us what to do, show us how it's done because we need you." Phan Nguyen

* State Supreme Court rules I-747 unconstitutional, Olympian
"A sharply divided state Supreme Court has struck down a six-year-old citizen initiative that capped yearly increases in property taxes to 1 percent."

* White House continues build-up to war with Iran
- U.S. military says finding more Iranian arms in Iraq, Yahoo Reuters
- Iraqi Fighters ‘Grilled for Evidence on Iran’; Interrogator says US military seeks evidence incriminating Tehran, The Guardian/UK
* Senators Webb and Hagel propose a post-Iraq G.I. Bill, NY Times
* Half of Americans Strongly Disapprove of Bush Performance, Gallup
". . .this “strongly disapprove” number is among the highest Gallup has measured for presidents, going back to Lyndon Johnson. . . .the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Nov. 2-4, shows that Bush’s overall job approval rating is at 31%, with a 64% disapproval rating."

* Mukasey Confirmed as Attorney General, Washington Post
"The 53 to 40 vote to confirm President Bush's choice to replace Alberto Gonzales was the closest vote in more than 50 years for someone confirmed to be the nation's top law enforcement officer."

Dennis Kucinich attempts to impeach Cheney
* Move to Impeach Not Another Distraction, Brattleboro Reformer (VT)
* House Tied In Knots Over Resolution To Impeach Cheney, USA Today via TJ
* UPDATE: Hoyer: 'Impeachment ... Not on Our Agenda', Washington Post Capitol Briefing

* Bush Turns Civil Rights Commission Into ‘Conservative Rights’ Commission, Boston Globe via TJ
* Study: 1 Out of 4 Homeless Are Veterans, AP via Washington Post via TJ
- "Thanks for serving our country! Now FUCK OFF!"

* Egypt seeks to spearhead 'Arab nuclear family'; Egypt, Jordan could justify switch to nuclear energy, while choice is more difficult for oil-rich GCC, Middle East Online via TJ
"Cairo's announcement that it would seek nuclear capabilities to ensure its future energy security while ruling out any military ambitions, received the immediate backing of Iran's arch-foe Washington."

* Global Warming Is Biggest Security Threat, Inter Press Service via TJ

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