Monday, November 12, 2007

November 18, 2007 No Talking Heads

Guests to include: TJ Johnson, Olivia Hart, Geov Parrish

What news sources do we go to most? We'll ask this question today and in future shows . . .
- today I'm checking out the NPR News Blog.

Port Protest Discussion
- local reactions; Vickie Kilgore letter; good comment on Olyblog; port protest on Saturday.
- Suspend Police Chief Gary Michel and Investigate Police Misconduct Now,
- effectiveness
- why are so many anti-war folks speaking out against the protests?

* Simple majority victory: close but sweet, NW Progressive Institute
* BACKGROUND: Pepper spray should never be used on nonviolent subjects, United for Peace of Pierce County
* Olympia students massing on the Capitol steps for the Student Walkout against the War in Iraq,

* U.N. Science Panel Sees Faster Warming of Earth, NPR
* FCC issues new ownership reg proposal on Tues, one full business day after "digesting" 10 hrs of testimony in Seattle, NY Times
* Army desertion rate up 80 pct. since '03, AP via Yahoo!
* Court deals blow to wiretapping case, AP via Yahoo!
- ACLU Responds to Federal Court Ruling in "State Secrets" Lawsuit About Warrantless, via Common Dreams
* Ruling Blocks Challenge to Wiretapping, NY Times
* After a Death, Use of Taser in Canada Is Debated, NY Times

What are you thankful for? or other Thanksgiving message our guests would like to espouse . . .
- Zombie Walk - Friday, November 23, 2007; join us as we limp and groan our way through the shopping hordes! Contact for info on meeting times and makeup/costume help

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