Sunday, January 27, 2008

Show for February 3, 2008

Guests to include TJ Johnson and Geov Parrish

* Building heigh limits in Olympia, Olympian
- group forms to oppose new development that would block view of Puget Sound from Capitol, Friends of the Waterfront.
* Educational levies: Districts seek to fill budget gaps, Olympian via TJ
* Logistics center meets opposition, Tacoma News Tribune
* Bush's State of the Union speech fails to impress panel of readers, Seattle PI
* House panels give glimpse of Democrats' budget plans, Olympian
* Ports look at 3 sites besides Maytown; 2 new possibilities for rail logistics center proposed in Thurston County, Olympian

National / International
* Ralph DiGia, 93, Pacifist Leader & Activist Is Dead, After Downing Street via Geov Parrish
- link to War Resisters League website.
* Iraq not using oil cash to rebuild, Washington Times
* Bush Issues Signing Statement On Defense Act, Waiving Ban On Permanent Bases In Iraq, Think Progress via Geov Parrish
* U.S. To Oppose Treaty Barring Space Weapons, Nukes of Hazzard via TJ
* Biowar Experiments HAVE BEGUN at Livermore Lab, via TJ
- link to Watchdog group based in the East Bay area - Tri-Valley Communities Against a Radioactive Environment (CARE)
"Considering the anthrax strain that killed postal workers and was mailed to the two top Democrats opposed to the Patriot Act had originated in a government laboratory, and considering after all these years the FBI hasn't been able to find who did it, I sure hope that they keep a close eye on the people working there."

* Bush Trying to Sidestep Congress on Permanent Bases Question, Guardian Unlimited UK via via TJ
* O'Reilly: Seattle Post-Intelligencer is the nation's worst newspaper; publisher is "beyond pinhead", BlatherWatch
* Arming the Middle East, Common Dreams via Foreign Policy in Focus via TJ
- "Excellent peiece on the US's primary export - weapons. - tj"
* Bush moves on Alaska as backs are turned, Joel Connelly, Seattle PI
* Polar Bears Threatened: Million Of Acres To Be Opened To Oil And Gas Activities, Science Daily
* In a Strategic Reversal, Dutch Embrace Floods, Joe Palca from
- check out this cool site that shows how the Maeslant barrier works

Good News!
* CSNY Speak Out and Listen In “Deja Vu”, Common Dreams via Reuters via TJ (confessed CSNY fan)

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