Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Show for January 20th, 2008

Below are some headlines I am following, however, in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I'll be airing a special from the Pacifica Archives featuring original speeches from Dr. King and others.
For information about the series, visit From the Vault on the web.

* Board can't tackle complaint, Olympian via TJ
- update on school board member resignation
* Plan could elevate Olympia's skyline, Olympian via TJ
- Jeannette Hawkins is at it again . . .
* Gregoire sets tone for session and campaign, Olympian via TJ
- let the campaign distortions begin!

* Quality of Nuclear Devices Questioned, AP
* Year of the Fat Cats, Common Dreams
The poster child for this new trend is Robert Nardelli. In five years as CEO at Home Depot, he lost shareholders 40 percent of the stock’s value, more than $25 billion. When he was eventually pushed out the door, he walked away with a compensation package worth more than $200 million. Call it “pay for nonperformance.”

* Ruling Quashes Kucinich’s Hope of Joining Lineup, NY Times via TJ

* US: Attacks by Iranian-Made Bombs Drop, AP
* Opium Fields Spread Across Iraq as Farmers Try to Make Ends Meet, Independent/UK via Common Dreams via Hofgren!
* Escalating Ice Loss Found in Antarctica, Washington Post
* Bush urges OPEC to pump more oil, AP via TJ

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