Sunday, March 23, 2008

Show for March 23rd, 2008

Guests to include TJ Johnson

* Residents wary of proposals to raise skyline height limits, Olympian
About 130 people, including some who hissed and booed when shown newly unveiled images of how downtown's skyline could change, gathered at a meeting Saturday about a proposal that could allow for taller buildings on the narrow strip of land between Capitol Lake and Budd Inlet.

Angela Ruiz of Olympia asked, "Why does the city think we would have changed our minds?" Ruiz was referring to a meeting nearly six years ago in which an overwhelming number of residents voiced their opposition to a City Council plan to raise building heights.

* Military shipment earns at least $400,000 for port; job was nearly 40 percent of revenue made by marine terminal in ’07, Olympian
* Money cleared for City Hall art, Olympian
* Council OKs raise in parks impact fee, Olympian

* Dalai Lama: ‘I am prepared to face China. I will go to Beijing’, Independent/UK
“As a Buddhist monk, it does not matter what they call me,” he said with a chuckle. “The outside world doesn’t believe that I am [a] devil,” the Dalai Lama.

Could the Chinese kidnap him and detain him while he is on his visit? I suppose that's probably not likely, considering that would look really bad before the Olympic games start.
* Global Warming Rushes Timing of Spring, AP
* Spring's sprung earlier, warmer; climate change puts the greening season ahead of schedule for many species in the Northwest, Seattle PI
* Grain Farmer Claims Moral Victory in Seed Battle Against Monsanto, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

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