Monday, March 3, 2008

Show for March 9th, 2008

Guests scheduled: TJ Johnson, Geov Parrish

New Works in Progress OUT - March 2008 Issue!

* Local Sidewalk Discussion, OlyBlog.Net
* Tumwater Council OKs warehouse limits, Olympian
* Lawmakers' message to Air Force: 'Our national security is at risk now', Olympian
* Many unhappy with cluster subdivisions, Seattle PI
* Waters guilty of arson in UW case; accused lookout facing 5 to 20 years in prison, Seattle PI
* Street of Dreams homes burned, eco-terrorists suspected, Seattle PI
* Hunt is on: Who torched the Street of Dreams?, Seattle Times
Monday's fires, reported about 4 a.m., had reverberations hours later at the Tacoma trial of Briana Waters, 32, who testified last week that she had nothing to do with the UW arson. Her attorneys asked the judge for a mistrial, arguing that news of the fires could influence the jury. If convicted she faces 35 years in prison. Jurors were called in as a group by U.S. District Judge Franklin Burgess and told there was a news story that could potentially influence their deliberations in the case. They were asked whether anyone felt they could no longer continue as jurors. No one spoke up, and Burgess denied the defense request.

* Olympia Port Militarization Resistance meeting attended by local pro-military supporter, Jeff Brigham; Jeff then posts his notes of meeting on OlyBlog.Net, interesting discussion takes place
- there are a lot of comments on this one but the discussion gets interesting in some spots.
* Report: Utah, Virginia and Washington tops in state government effectiveness
- The Pew Center on the States ranked the states based on how well they manage their budgets, staffs, infrastructure and information. The states with the highest scores have made accountability and innovation a priority, the report said . . . Washington, for example, holds public meetings led by the governor to monitor how its programs are working . . ."

* Lacey needs to pass law on homeless camps, Olympian Editorial
- Very suprising coming from the Daily Zero; I'm inquiring as to who at the Olympian wrote this since I'm very dubious if this came from Mike Oakland.
* Unitarians (OUUC) to host Camp Quixote for 2nd time

* Foreign Policy Increasingly Flows Through Pentagon, InterPress Service
* Bush explains veto of waterboarding bill, Boston Globe
We know Bush likes torture but what about Congress? Why isn't there a large enough group of Senators and House Reps to turn the veto around? The House vote was 222-199 and the Senate's was 51-45 . . .the president has rejected the Army Field Manual, which recognizes that harsh interrogation tactics elicit unreliable information . . .
* War profiteering by tax dodge, Boston Globe
* Top Iraq Contractor Skirts US Taxes Offshore; Shell companies in Cayman Islands allow KBR to avoid Medicare, Social Security deductions, Boston Globe via Common Dreams
* MIT expands financial aid, Boston Globe

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